BETA Launch - What is this ?

Before new exciting Internet concepts are being launched to the world, they often go through a 'Beta stage', where only a limited amount of people are allowed to use the service/product. By doing this, the growth is controlled and the companies behind these new services will have 'early adopters' who are eager to give feedback and to form the future of the service/product, and benefit from it.


Example of companies that started out this way are Google, Skype, Facebook and Twitter. We all know what an amazing success these companies have reached today, and through you will be given the opportunity to together with other friends constitute such an exclusive group of people being offered to use all these future Internet concepts, before anyone else!

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In the beginning of a new Internet service, it might be hard to get enough users to reach the critical mass that's needed. We'll use Skype as an example: If no one is using Skype, you will not download it because no-one is using it, and no-one will download it.


With a potential of millons of future MedAppointment Users, Hospitals, Medical Service providers and Doctors can offer the service to Other Doctors and Patients to quickly reach a large user base and the product/service can be tested in real-life scenarios.


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